Pregnancy + Postpartum Tips

Taking care of yourself is crucial –
as crucial as taking care of baby.

Sore muscles, tired legs and feet.
Deep Blue Rub on the bottom of the feet at night before bed.

DigestZen on belly, and 1 drop internally.
Cardamom behind the ears is everything.
Ginger in hot water in the morning.

Lavender or Serenity on the bottom of your feet before bed.

Diffuser Blends for Nighttime
~ 2 drops Roman Chamomile, 2 drops Frankincense, 2 drops Lavender
~ 2 drops Balance, 2 drops Vetiver, 2 drops Serenity

Leg Cramps
Massage calves with AromaTouch followed by Deep Blue Rub.
Both also lovely rubbed topically for veins.

Placenta Dropper
Helichrysum, clary sage, jasmine.
Doubles as great post-labour support to the CNS.
Massage into low abdomen.

Labour Support
for pain/fear/anxiety
~ 5 Ylang Ylang
~ 5 Clary Sage
~ 5 Copaiba
~ 5 Black Pepper
~ 4 Helichrysm
~ 3 Marjoram
~ 3 Peppermint

Massage into low back and feet as often as needed during early/active labour.

To Encourage Contractions After 40 Weeks
Myrrh + FCO on the abdomen.

Wild Orange + Balance for mood/grounding.

Baby’s Arrival
Swipe your finger over your Frankincense and/or Melissa and dab onto your
new baby’s crown, welcome them to the Physical.

Morning Ritual
~ Balance on the soles.
~ Balance + Citrus Bliss in the diffuser.
(Citrus Bliss SO GOOD to uplift and regulate any blues.)
~ Drop of lemon in water. Adaptiv on inner wrists/elbows.
~ Copaiba under tongue, or softgel / Turmeric softgel for inflammation / LLV 100%

Evening Ritual
~ Serenity + one of: Bergamot or Balance in Diffuser, or Adaptiv 2 drops in diffuser
~ Lighter on diffuser drops as baby is in the room (2-3 drops)
~ Postpartum roller on bottom of feet (see below), Frankincense + FCO on the belly,
and lots of love towards yourself and your changing body.
I’m also doing 3-4 drops on crown of my own head at night.

Increase Milk Supply
For milk supply + baby’s digestive support, take Fennel, 2 drops daily in a Veggie Cap.

More involved roller for Milk Supply Blend,
apply after nursing on breast, no nipples, forearms and pulse points.
~ 5 Clary Sage, 5 Copaiba, 3 Basil, 3 Fennel, 2 Geranium, 2 Lavender, 2 Roman Chamomile

Roll Helichrysum on nipples and areola if cracked/sore/tender.

For baby’s bum fill a 30mL glass spray bottle with 2 drops Lavender,
2 Roman Chamomile, 2 Frankincense. Top with FCO.
Spray on bottom every diaper change. Doubles as a great foot massage oil.

For upset tummy a dab of Tamer roller. Also great for lactating Mama who likely
isn’t using DigestZen because of Peppermint over her belly.

Hormone Balance Blend Postpartum
This fills 10mL half way, top with FCO.
Apply to bottom of feet and inner ankle every morning and night.
~ 25 drops Clary Sage, 15 Marjoram, 15 Geranium, 10 Frank, 8 Thyme,
5 Cypress, 5 Eucalyptus, 5 Lavender, 3 Ylang Ylang

Pregnancy: Clary Sage + Jasmine
Nursing: Peppermint. Avoid blends DigestZen/AromaTouch/DeepBlue/Breathe
with Peppermint if lactating.

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