Back to School

I feel like I need to make the title in air quotes.
September 2020 “Back to School.”











Collectively we are shifting into unprecedented times. Again. September. 🍂

This morning the girls and I created our new AM/PM rituals together for when we leave the lake after 6 months.

Being intentional with our healthy rituals will enable us to predict, prepare and protect as much as we can in a world where uncertainty is at every turn.

The girls were OK with me sharing their HEALTHY MORTONS plan with you.

Sharing to inspire yours.





➕ teeth 🦷
On Guard Toothpaste
➕ mouthwash, On Guard mouthwash 
➕ wash face, brush hair (this one is new, the hair, we’re not big on brushing)
➕ make bed 🛏 (also new, I’m delegating)
➕ Oils at brekkie as follows:
Stronger” rolled on as a “W” on the chest;
Brave” rolled on the heart;
Thinker” rolled on their temples and back of the neck. The Rosemary in this blend also supports Transitions.
A-Z, Overall wellbeing daily supplement
PB Assist, Probiotic for gut health,
EO Mega, Fish Oil for brain health
all doTERRA Kids Supplements


➕Sanitize hands, we use doTERRA Hand Sanitizing Mist
➕Wash Hands, foaming hand soap
➕Unpack and repack backpack
➕Yummy Kitchen family diffuser with On Guard + good tunes 🎵
➕”Steady” rolled on inner wrist with 3 breaths.


➕Tidy toys + room (🙄)
Teeth, face, mouthwash
➕Pick book 📚
➕ Fill diffuser, pick oil to drop in 💧
Stronger: protection
Lavender: calming, rest
Serenity: sleepy, grounding
On Guard: systems support
Breathe/Easy Air: clear breathing
➕Oils rolled on feet + spine: girls choose one, the other is Frankincense.







A shopping cart I created for you with all of these items included for your Ordering or reference.

I’m just seeing Daddy added notes to our google doc about sleep schedule. Praise be 🙏🏼

This will be our Ritual whatever we decide with school. School; more uncertainty. One day at a time.


If you’re a beloved teacher — endless respect, love, solidarity and safety.

Love you. Love your littles. Love all of us.

We’re all here to take care of each other, right?


C xo

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