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curated support for our wellbeing

Sister loves, we could not both be more excited about the brilliant collections
doTERRA has curated for us, targeting our specific wellbeing needs.

Here’s the scoop!

There are 3 collections targeted to support our: 

~ Body
~ Mind
~ Emotions

Learn more in this video.

There is a set of collections available in the USA, and also in Canada. They vary from one another.
This blog covers the USA Collections. For CANADA Collections, venture on over here.

Americans can order from the USA Collections. Canadians can choose (lucky us!)
from either the USA and/or Canada collections.

To our USA Sisters, here are the three collections you can select as a Loyalty order over three months. You can select one track, two or all three!

month 1 ~ Immunity Kit
month 2 ~ Relief Kit
month 3 ~ Mind + Mood Kit

Here they are!

Here are the Kits over the 90 days for each of the 3 Collections ~

Whew! That’s a lot of goodness in there, right?

As a customer ordering these USA Collections, you also receive 20% off the following
products for the months you are ordering these collections!

Here are the details for usa

$80 CAD / 60pv
1 new kit every month for 3 months
Program Education is available if you opt-in by email
Reusable Packaging
Receive exclusive savings each month, 20% off select products
Available as Loyalty Rewards Program purchases only

For Greater Detail on each Country + Collection

Tune into this video! 
password: essentialsisters

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