The Lavender List!

the lavender list!

Our Essential Sisters came together to bring you allllll the ways we use Lavender Oil 💜🌱

Our Lavender edit for you, with love xo

~ a dab on acne
~ a roll under my nose to reduce redness
~ a drop in the sink for my baby’s bedtime bath 🛁
~ a roll all over my throat and neck before an important convo, a talk or leading a call

~ combine with Roman Chamomile to treat patchy skin due to eczema
~ a drop in my moisturizer at night time 🌙
~ a few drops on my wool balls to use in the dryer

~ mixed with peppermint and witch hazel to spray on hotel sheets 🛌
~ 2 drops Lavender x 1 drop Peppermint with boiling water
for a wind down night time tea before bed 🍵
~ burns 🥵, apply Lavender immediately after the burn, it soothes the pain.
I was amazed the first time.

~ Lavender cupcakes are delish 🧁
~ diffusing during the day with Lemon and Peppermint to help soothe
my hubby’s seasonal allergies (shared by 4 women) 🤧

~ add a drop to my body lotion and apply all over after my shower 🚿
~ all over my body before bed 🙏🏼😅
~ a drop on my temples and pillow before bed 🛌
~ lavender on a mosquito bite 🦟 that swelled at 5pm, re-applied every time I thought of it, the next morning the swelling had gone down – this rarely happens for me when bug bites swell!

~ mixed in a spray bottle for baby’s bum with Frankincense and Roman Chamomile 🍑
~ I’ve had great success using Lavender to treat shock, and post traumatic experiences
~ in my mascara to keep it from getting chunky and for antibacterial properties
~ on my face at night as a serum 🌙

~ in my body cream
~ with coconut oil on sunburns
~ for itchy or sore skin anywhere on my kids

~ on jawline and bottoms of feet for teething 👶🏼 🦷
~ inhaled and rubbed on temples for headache – can mix with Peppermint too
~ a few drops in bottom of shower as a relaxing steam before bed 🚿 😴

~ in Epsom salts for a relaxing bath 🛀🏼
~ top nighttime diffuser oil, my kids love it with On Guard
~ under arm/boob for heat rash
~ rolled on the bottom of my feet to rest 💤

If you would like to learn how you can bring doTERRA Oils into your home, email me: – I can help you get started and welcome you
to our Essential Sisters community.

What are your fave ways to use Lavender?

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