Sharing my love of Frankincense Essential Oil – most recently with the birth of my baby, how I use it in my daily routine and lastly our Essential Sisters favourite ways to use Frankincense.

Our Birth

One moment of her birth powerfully etched in my mind is anointing her sweet little crown moments after she was born with Frankincense. Quietly on my own, I did hers. And then I did mine.

A beautiful moment together while we were still connected by our umbilical cord.

To usher her into the physical realm, Frankincense felt like a warm, grounding hug. For me, I always feel a holy sacredness when I use it. It felt perfect after birthing her – both for her arrival and my expansion.

I’ve continued to use Frank on my own crown daily post birth to support the transformation from in the womb to in my arms – 3 drops on my crown. And I’ve added a few drops to her diaper oil with Lavender for a soothing balm. And a little dab on her fresh new toosh to clear up any redness.

During the 9 months she was in my belly I lathered Frankincense on my belly with coconut oil every night, followed by a heart-shaped roll-on of Rose Essential Oil.

why frankincense

If you were only going to have one Oil I would make it Frankincense!

Our doTERRA Frankincense comes from the Somali region, and it’s a resin from the bark which is distilled. Watch this to experience the beauty behind every Frankincense bottle.

Physically it supports cellular health, and five specific systems of the body.

Emotionally it is the Oil of Truth, helping to dispel any negative low-vibe energy. It’s a powerful connector to the Father energy.

My other fave uses of frankie

In my bedtime diffuser I love Frankincense with Lavender and Wild Orange, 2 drops each. I know guys, if you follow me, I put Lavender in my diffuser now!

For an immunity boost and stress reducer for everyone in the fam we have a Sunday night Family Oil ritual. Frank is the first oil of four in “The Basic Protocol” of oils dropped rain drop style on the spine by @symphonyofthecells.

One drop of Frank goes in my nighttime face oil. I do Blue Tansy in the AM, Frank in the PM. And I slather my décolleté in Frank and coconut oil.

When in doubt, just use Frank.

our team’s fave uses of frank

“Been slathering it all over my décolleté every morning for 3 years.” – Nina T.

“Pure onto skin. Plus a drop under tongue before bed.” – Nina S.

“I use Frankincense Touch on my temples first thing in the morning and smooth it under my eyes gently. Then deep breaths. It’s magical!” – Leanne 

“I roll it down my spine every night before bed and some nights I mix with coconut oil and massage into my face. LOVE!” – Ingrid 

“Part of my daily skin care routine, on my temples and roof of mouth for migraines and rolling on wrist if I need just a little more support that day, plus on feet for immune support if needed. Can you tell I love my Frank?!” – Dawn

“I use it with my face wash. Makes my skin feel so nice!” – Kathleen

“I use the Touch on my belly, behind my ears, make a W on my chest … roof of my mouth. Starts my day off right.” – Nadia 

“Amazing if you wake during the night and can’t get back over. Sends me back to dreamland.” – Louise 

“Frankincense is my grounding oil, back of neck, wrists, deep inhales. Also around my eyes for skin. In my body butter. It’s definitely one of my go-tos all the time.” – Ming

Frank is extra special to me as I began my doTERRA journey 4 years ago this month, and received a free bottle of Frankincense. I remember opening that bottle for the first time. This same special offering is available to us all this month – December 2019. Free Frank!

GIFT OF KINGS: When you place a 200 PV order during December, you’ll automatically get a 15 mL bottle of Frankincense for FREE!

Message or DM for details @essentialchristine on Instagram or

How do YOU use Frankincense? Comment below.

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