doTERRA Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Our FAVE time of the year!

The doTERRA Holiday Gift guide is here. Carts open for shopping on November 1 at 6am ET. Set your alarm clocks, sisters! They sell out faasstt.

There’s a Holiday Gift guide in both Canada and the US.
A Canadian can buy from either warehouse.


ok, ready for our faves?!

Brevi Stone Diffuser with Holiday Peace Blend (15mL)

LUSTING. 10-hour run time, small diffuser – it’s the only one we travel with. OBSESSED. And we love the colour of this limited edition. Holiday Peace is an all-time fave. Calming oils of Siberian Fir, Douglas Fir, Himalayan Fir, Grapefruit, Frankincense, Vetiver. It’s only available over the holidays, so stock up!


$44.00 wholesale USA | 20 PV | 60209909

$56.50 wholesale CAD | 21 PV | 60210927

Nepal Dryer Balls with Wintergreen Oil 15mL

What we love most about doTERRA is their mission to grow the best and help the most. We experienced a Co-Impact Sourcing initiative together this year with doTERRA and are passionate to support our global rural growers. These handmade wool dryer balls – free of chemicals and dye – provide needed jobs and income to improve the economic well-being of women in Kathmandu, Nepal. With the Dryer Balls is a 15mL Wintergreen Essential Oil, sourced and wild harvested from Nepal, distilled by community-owned distillation facilities, a process creating economics opportunities in rural regions, offering fair-trade, one-time payments to women. One of our Essential Sisters teammates Robin travelled to Nepal to witness doTERRA’s ethical and heart-centric sourcing and distillation process. She watched the women come down the mountain with their Wintergreen harvest for the day, and saw them paid on the spot with doTERRA’s mobile payment system.

$29.50 wholesale USD | 20 PV | 60209488
$37.75 wholesale CAD | 21 PV | 60210699

Holiday Peace Hand-wash

This blend is DELIGHTFUL. It’s like a Holiday Forest Bath. To have it also in a hand-wash is HEAVEN! We also love the natural design of the hand soap dispenser for our bathrooms, especially for Holiday gatherings. It will look gorgeous beside a diffuser in our bathrooms. Our kids can’t get enough of the doTERRA Hand Soap, they’re going to love this new Essential Oil blend when they wash their hands!


$22.00 wholesale USD | 10 PV | 60209361
$28.25 wholesale CAD | 10.5 PV | 60210106

Serenity Linen Spray

Spraying our kids beds with Serenity for a yummy, restful sleep over? YES PLEASE! Not to mention our own. This easy spray makes it so simple, and chic. This blend’s serene aroma includes some rest + sleep oil superpowers of Lavender, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Hawaiian Sandalwood, and Vanilla Bean Absolute.


$6.75 wholesale USD | 5 PV | 60209353
$8.75 wholesale CAD | 5.5 PV | 60210120

Touch Rollers –
Balance, Serenity, Helichrysum

We have no words for this other than DREAM COME TRUE?! Total everyday faves in convenient roller format for the first time ever! BALANCE, for grounding + steadiness. To feel stable + connected within. SERENITY for rest + sleep. We love the roller for ease + simplicity, especially for our kids. HELICHRYSUM is a liquid bandaid. Roll on cuts, scrapes, burns for regeneration + healing.

doTERRA Touch Trio (3) 10mL
$65.00 wholesale USD | 50 PV | 60210104
$96.25 wholesale CAD | 69 PV | 60210209

Rose Hand Lotion and Hope Oil

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation (HHF) means a lot to us. We have been part of teaching 200 women in remote Guatemalan Village about their periods and birth control with Days for Girls. Christine was part of constructing a perimeter outdoor wall of a healing center + did hands on oil massages on children with needs in Mexico. Our Essential Sisters team contributed to Girls on Fire project with teenage girls leading their communities in Africa. We will continue to put our monthly donations and our hearts + hands with HHF. You can too through the purchase of these two products – doTERRA contributes every dollar collected directly to the HHF. Not “proceeds” or a “portion of sales.” ALL OF IT. Every one of your dollars.

Rose Hand Lotion
$20.00 wholesale USD | 0 PV | 60200781
$25.75 wholesale CDN | 0 PV | 60200781

doTERRA Hope Touch
$20.00 wholesale USD | 0 PV | 60200879
$25.75 wholesale CAD | 0 PV | 60202235

tips & faqs

  • The best items sell out on the first day, often in the morning.
  • Sometimes there’s an online “queue” and you have to wait to shop,
    so leave extra time.
  • November 1 shop opens at 6am ET.
  • There are two Gift Guides, one for Canada and one for the US – the US has a few more products. A Canadian can purchase from either the US or CDN warehouses.
  • Limit 4 products per SKU per account.
  • This is the biggest doTERRA shopping day of the year! Site can be slow, doTERRA is gearing up big time for this day, get online early.
  • Holiday Gift items are speciality items and not sold otherwise.
  • You cannot purchase Holiday Gift items with your points.
  • If you wish for the order to count as a Loyalty order for November, you must have one item in your order for it to be an LRP, as all Gift items are one-time offers and will not recur in an LRP the following month. Add a lip balm or a bar of soap for
    5 PV, or any products you need.
  • To login to your account: go to Top right click “Account” and login. Use your doTERRA ID number and password. If you don’t have this, pop us a note and we will send it to you.

Happy shopping! Reach out to us and let us know how we can love + support you.

Christine + Emily

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