Cough Support

Cough Support

To all the mamas out there who have little coughers …
this is for you.

A compilation of our tried and tested Cough Blends for our kids, including a new homemade Cough Syrup we’ve been loving.

If your kids are like ours, there are variations on the type of cough. Here are recipes to support whatever type of cough it is – a hack, a lingerer, deep, etc.

Every winter we look at each other and say “Thank the GODS for our Oils! What on earth did we do before we started using Oils?”


We always recommend diffusing with coughs. Our go-to cough diffuser blend:

Easy Air / Breathe + Frankincense + Eucalyptus (sub Siberian Fir for under 2)
~ 1 drop each

If you only have the Top 10 Oils … 

Get out your Frankincense, Lemon and Easy Air/Breathe 

  1. Diffuse: Add one drop of each to the diffuser in your kid’s room.
  2. Topical: Add one drop each to your palm, with a little dollop of coconut oil and massage their chest and back.
  3. Make a 10mL roller for on the go: Do 5 drops each and top with your fractionated coconut oil.

Our Most-Used cough blend

1 drop of each oil in the palm of your hand mixed with a little fractionated coconut oil.

Copaiba, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Frankincense
~ Rub on chest, bottom of feet and upper back.

deep cough

In a 10mL roller bottle:

4 Eucalyptus, 5 Lemon, 3 Frankincense, 3 Siberian Fir
~ top with fractionated coconut oil

These can help loosen and release congestion and they help the body to flush it out. Roll on the bottom of feet and chest.

spasmodic cough 

In a 10mL roller bottle:

3 Lavender, 4 Cardamom, 2 Sandalwood, 3 Marjoram, 4 Frankincense
~ top with fractionated coconut oil

This one has more specific oils. Roll on chest, upper back and bottom of feet.

These are all amazing for soothing and supporting the lungs and can help calm muscle spasms.

stubborn cough

Make a 10mL roller ball blend:

4 Peppermint, 3 Thyme, 3 Douglas Fir, 2 Helichrysum
~ top with fractionated coconut oil

Roll on chest and bottom of the feet.

This blend is great for the cough that goes on for days. Promoting healthy tissue, bringing out stubborn mucus, and can help open up your airways.

simple natural cough syrup

1/2 cup pure, raw honey, 8 Lemon, 8 Peppermint, 8 Lavender,
8 Frankincense, 8 OnGuard

Mix well to combine and store in an airtight container. Take 1 tsp. every three hours as needed to help soothe coughing. Can begin as soon as baby has honey (1-2 years of age).

AND we love these doTERRA drops to suck on throughout the day. Our kids love them and they help with immunity, sore throats and relaxing coughs. Healthy cough drops! Search them in your cart “On Guard Drops” and “Breathe Drops.”


Happy cough season! We’re all in this together, Mamas.

What cough remedies are working for you?

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