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I woke up feeling overwhelmed by my house and cleaning it. I felt buried in things and mess. Nothing felt clean even though I have been cleaning non-stop. Then the anxiety crept in and then the “I’m not good enough.” Anyone else?

So I took the best oil for overwhelm – Tangerine – inhaled it, threw it in the diffuser with Adaptiv oil and took an Adaptiv capsule.

We are in love-in/quarantine now and on day 5 but really we are not able to predict what will be happening tomorrow. So today I chose to set up a simple system that the whole family can do together. I am sharing it with you here.

My intention with this blog is NOT to overwhelm you. It is to give you some guidance from my heart to yours in case you are feeling lost like I was/am. My hope is that you will gain some strength and confidence in your own ability to remain calm and have somewhat of a plan to keep the house sanitized and feeling good.

Instead of cleaning the whole house at once and getting cray-cray (my tendency), we decided to divide up the house into rooms the same way we did for the Essential Sisters Clean Home Happy Home program we ran last Spring.

Monday :: Bedrooms + bedding + diffusers
Tuesday :: Bathrooms
Wednesday :: Kitchen + diffuser + DIY cleaning product refills
Thursday :: Basement + diffusers
Friday :: Office + one drawer/cupboard somewhere + diffuser
Saturday :: Fridges + pantry
Sunday :: Living/Family/Dining room + diffusers

We have committed to one hour per day to clean the place chosen for that day.

In addition to this, we will wash the sheets of anyone who is sick every day (my doctor friend told me that the bed of a person who is sick left unwashed daily is the number one reason that people stay sick for a longer time) and re-dress the bed. And one bin of laundry gets done per day so it doesn’t pile up. Each human in the house has their own laundry bin. This takes the overwhelm out too. I will not do two loads. Just one. Keep it manageable and simple.

NOTE: As you clean for that simple hour each day, you will find things you don’t need. I set up a pile for donation and a pile for disposal where we can all place things as we collect them to move out of the home.

We are making it a family affair (all 5 of us) with music blasting and oils diffusing. If you are doing it on your own, grab your headphones and listen to an uplifting podcast!

Here are some great diffuser blends for a fresh and clean home …

So Fresh, So Clean!
~ 4 drops Black Spruce
~ 6 drops Grapefruit

~ 3 Tea Tree
~ 5 Lemon
~ 5 Peppermint
~ 4 Wild Orange
~ 2 Black Spruce

Clean Home Happy Home recipe book link for you here.

We have a closed group that is available to all of our customers where Christine Russell and I made videos of ourselves making cleaning products for you! You can find it here.

Here for you.

~ Emily

Ps. I want to be helpful and in service as best I can during this time. I hope my content lands gentle with you and gives you some structure and hope. Every day can feel like a mountain and there is a lot of perfection housekeeping and mothering online right now that can bring us down the emotional scale. Please know that this is just content and not real life. Unfollow things that make you come down the emotional scale and find people who take you up the emotional scale. 

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