21 Days to Healthy

21 days to healthy challenge,
are you with us?!

Feb 1 – 21, 2021
Anchor foundational healthy habits that will change your life. It changed ours!

here’s what you need to know ~

What you need …

On Guard, Frankincense, Lemon, Balance, Lavender

1 – Lifelong Vitality Pack (supplement)
1 – Terrazyme, digestive enzyme
1 – PB Assist, probiotic
1 – Deep Blue Rub

*note: the above items are packaged together as a “Daily Habits Kit”

New Superfoods, optional, recommended!
1 – Fiber
1 – Greens
1 – Protein (of your choice)

ALL items for the Challenge are available in a Kit for ease:

kits to join in

Kit for Customers
Daily Habits + Nutrition Kit

Kit if you are NEW to doTERRA
If you’re new, hi! You can open an account with us to begin.

shop with Emily

shop with Christine

All Products for the Challenge

If you’re already a customer, you likely have some of the products you need and might need to grab a few now so they arrive in time for Feb. 1.

We are excited for this from doTERRA – it’s going to be simple

To receive the daily text from doTERRA for the program,
send a text to:

CA: 50579
USA: 386457

Comment and tell us if you’re in!

We love 💕 you.

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