Calm Course

Time to land back in your heart?
Time to reconnect with yourself?
Time for you?

As women we lose ourselves in the “busy-ness” of our work, our kids, our partners, the grind and in our limited beliefs of ourselves.

In this mini-course CALM, I will share simple tips and practices to tap you back into “her” – that part of you that you know is there but she is likely buried or inaccessible beneath layers of responsibility at the moment.

This mini-course is for you if you’re feeling overwhelmed, robotic, lacklustre, “busy,” and you have no time for  you. You may even be thinking, you don’t even have time for this mini-course because you feel like you always put everyone else first.

We will explore Essential Oils (of course, my fave!), self-care rituals, short meditations and vision journalling. It will become your North-Star of Self-Care.

Let’s re-organize your energy.
feel less stress, more calm, and more connection.

2-sessions, 60 minutes each, including live Q&A.

Thursday March 28, 12pm ET
Friday March 29, 9:30am ET

All sessions will be recorded. This course takes place within a closed Facebook Event for interaction, LIVE videos, photos, community connection, etc.

$33, exclusive to just 33 women. This is the last time I will be offering a mini course at such an approachable rate! Once confirmed, I will snail-mail 🐌 💌 you some samples and goodies.

Open to anyone new to our Essential Sisters community. Registration is open for 2 days only, and closes Saturday March 18 at noon ET.

To our existing Essential Sister, details on how you can participate are inside
our private Essential Sisters >> Oil Love FB group.

TO APPLY, fill out this short CALM WELCOME guide
and e-transfer $33 to or via PAYPAL.

Essential Oils, Tell Me More!